Cloud Web Hosting - Server Upgrade Programme

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The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


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Our current Linux Hosting (LinWeb) platform is based on a system called CloudLinux 7. CloudLinux 7 is like an older version of the system that your website relies on. Think of it as an old model of a smartphone or computer that will soon stop receiving updates. Whilst it still works fine today, over time, it will become less secure and may not work well with new technologies.

Because CloudLinux 7 is reaching the end of its useful life, we are moving all hosting packages to servers running a more up-to-date version, CloudLinux 8, to ensure the security of our Cloud Hosting platform for all users.

Most customers won't notice this move, however some customers using email, with settings other than our standard recommendation may need to update the incoming and outgoing server hostnames in their mail client. These should always be set to "mail.DOMAINNAME" - for example, if your email address is, then the incoming and outgoing server names should be full email settings can be found in your cPanel.

For customers with 3rd Party DNS, we will be in touch in due course to advise of the required changes to your DNS - your website and email should continue to work without issue in the meantime.

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