Data Centre Maintenance Works

15 days and 10 hours

The Data Centre have confirmed:

"IST of new generator control system is now complete and site is in normal operational state."

We have experienced no issues during these works and the platform has remained stable throughout.

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Works have now been completed for the weekend.

Further testing is expected next weekend (8th / 9th June), as such this maintenance notification will remain open until we recieve confirmation all testing is completed.

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The Data Centre have commenced todays testing. No disruption is expected to our services.

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Work has been completed for the day and will continue tomorrow. The platform has remained stable throughout.

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The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


Our data centre provider has announced the following works:

Isolation of each HV supply in turn to allow for the disconnection of the temporary generator ATS panels and the integration of the new generator controls. During each isolation, the site will be supported by the alternative HV supply. Once integrated, we will undertake planned mains failure testing to ensure that the new controls bring the generators online in the event of a real mains failure.

After mains failure testing, the new generator controls will undergo commissioning and integrated systems testing. This will involve working through scenarios where various aspects of the system are failed to prove that the system responds as designed.

After consulting with the data centre with regards to the precise works occurring on each date, they have confirmed the following:

1st June - Switchover to new controls. Switchboard isolations will be in effect but no impact to supply is expected.

2nd June -Commissioning of new generator controls. No switchboard isolations.

8th / 9th June - Integrated Systems Testing. No switchboard isolations.

15th / 16th June - Contingency in case of testing overrun. No switchboard isolations.

No impact to our supply is expected during these works, however we will have arranged for an engineer to visit the facility on the 1st / 2nd June and be on call in the London area throughout the weekend in case any should issues occur.

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