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Thursday, 27 January 3 hours and 30 minutes

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

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The final testing is taking a little longer than anticipated. We'll be back online soon.

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The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


We will be making some improvements and general maintenance to the Hooble Portal. The work we intend to undertake in this maintenance window includes:

  • Payment Improvements

** Direct Debit (GoCardless) - We started accepting payment by Direct Debit last year, since then GoCardless has released new features which our current integration doesn't support. We're putting live a new integration that will let us take advantage of the following features:

*** Instant Bank Payments - Taking advantage of Open Banking, you can now authorise a Faster Payment to ourselves when ordering new services or paying invoices through the portal - no more waiting for Direct Debits to clear or needing to find your credit card to provide payment, when you need your services online ASAP.

*** One Time Payment Links - We can now provide one time links that will allow you to make a Instant payment without details being stored or any need to login to your client area. Just click the link fill out your details over at GoCardless and your payment will be confirmed automatically.

** Debit / Credit Card Payments - We're aware that these haven't been as reliable as we'd like at times. Combined with upcoming regulatory changes with regards to Secure Payment Authentication we've taken the opportunity to re-evaluate our processing partner and have taken the decision to switch to a new processor.

If you have card details currently on file, these won't automatically be moved over - don't worry there won't be any immediate interruption to your payments - but you will need to login to your client area over the next few weeks and renter your details so we can set you up with the new processor.

This also lays the groundwork for us to be able to accept mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, and provide one time card payment links, similar to those being made available for Instant Bank Payments. These features will be in a future portal release.

As a reminder, for your protection we don't store any card details on our systems - these are all held securely by the payment processor(s). For the same reasons our support team are unable to take payment details over the phone.

  • Browser Colour - When visiting the client area in a supported browser, your browser will change colour to match our website.

  • Invoice Email Clarifications - We've received feedback that some of our emails aren't quite as clear as they could be. We've updated these to make it clearer if the email is for information only, or if you need to take action.

  • Missing Images & Layout Issues - The missing images in the portal header have been fixed, along with a few other template / layout issues.

At this time, these changes only apply to the main Hooble portal, we will be scheduling a separate set of improvements for Partners in due course.

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